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Unplugged: Matt Mullins and The Bringdowns

If you were at Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company on a Friday night in December, you may have been treated to the tunes of Matt Mullins & the Bringdowns. I recently asked singer/songwriter Matt Mullins about the band, the music, and their inspiration. I learned so much about this impressive band and their “why.” I also am impressed with their collaboration with Healing Appalachia to help make our beautiful state a healthier place for all who are walking the path of recovery from addiction.

Please tell us a little about yourself. 

Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns
Photos courtesy of: Matt Mullins and Cloud Bobby Photography

I’m Matt Mullins – I grew up in Beckley, West Virginia, and really began writing songs right after high school. Before The Bringdowns formed in 2016, I was a part of the bands Old School Abbey and The Boatmen – which toured pretty extensively. I have two kiddos, Mason & Harper, and my fiance, Casey. I recently became the middle school music teacher at Beckley-Stratton Middle School and just wrapped up my first season as the school’s Head Basketball Coach for the Lady Bulldogs.

Stuart Hill – Lead Guitarist and Vocalist. Grew up in Pineville, WV, but currently resides in Beckley. Stuart was a guitar prodigy at a young age and has had many accolades performing all over the US. Atomic Jo and From The Future were his previous notable groups.

Dylan McInturff – Drums/Vocals. Resides in Athens, WV. Was the drummer in the bands What’s Left and A Noted Author.

Bob Campion – Bass/Vocals. Princeton, WV, native and is a multi instrumentalist that plays bass and sings with the Bringdowns. He was the front man for What’s Left, JC/BC, and the Poor Taters.

What do you do musically?

I’m the singer/songwriter & rhythm guitar player in the group. When folks ask ‘What kind of music do ya’ll play?’, I respond with: Y’allternative Dad Rock. It’s a collaboration of all of our influences and how we put our spin on our version of Alt-Rock. Tellin’ stories through songs is what I love and hope to have relatable tunes that can evoke emotion in people.

More often than not our process is that I write a song on the acoustic and then go to band rehearsal and we dissect it and rearrange and make it a “Bringdowns “song.

What got you into the music scene?

Getting my heart broken is what started me in writing songs. However, it has evolved and honestly became my own therapy, to just get out feelings and write songs about whatever I’m feeling or going through. I started going to open mics back in the early 2000’s and just absorbed as much music as I could. I do think that if you’re passionate about anything enough and surround yourself with it, that just by osmosis you will start seeing your own talent start to grow. I believe WV has one of the most talented music scenes in the country. We are so incredibly lucky!

How would you describe your album?

The latest album, Monarch Sessions, was released June 22, 2023. I believe it is twelve songs all about our musical evolution together. This is our 4th album as a group and our previous albums just aren’t as cohesive as this current record. Tight harmonies really round out our sound and you can hear our love of playing music together.

Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns
Photos courtesy of: Matt Mullins and Cloud Bobby Photography

Healing Appalachia just teamed up with us to release a video for a special song from that album. “Bulletproof” was a song written by Walter DeBarr, a Buchannon native, and tells about his tragic battle with addiction. We just hope that we can learn from the loss of Walter and that those who watch the video can see the helpline numbers and maybe reach out or get help to the people that do need it.

What’s one thing you’d like to tell everybody?

Check out our for all our sites and info on shows. We’d love for you to give us some streams, give us a like, and hope to see ya at a show.

What would you say draws you to music?

Music is so powerful in how it evokes emotional change. I hope that someone listens and relates to whatever situation they might be in and it makes a positive change in their mood. That is always the goal in writing, to attach someone and make them feel better than they did before they heard the tune. That is what music does to me, I can find a song or album for any situation.

What’s the “why” behind your music?

A life of love for West Virginia, love for my family, and stories that I’ve been lucky enough to still be around to tell. Our evolution in writing I think is pretty visible with those first 2 studio Bringdowns albums being fueled with some bitter drinking days. This new album “Monarch Sessions” is really also my journey of living life to the fullest without substances. Many folks took to heavier drinking during the pandemic, but I decided to stop altogether.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Be passionate. Go after whatever it is you like and surround yourself with it as much as you can. Be cool to people and people will be cool to you back. Building relationships with people are what this life is all about. Make someone else’s day better.

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