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The Best Liar Ever (or: Laughter Heals)


Bil Lepp isn’t actually called a liar but he is an expert at telling tall tales without the listener half the time noticing that he is pulling one’s leg clean off. A down home West Virginia guy, he could talk a rattlesnake out of its rattles. Although I do not know what he plans to expound upon for his upcoming performance Thursday, May 23 at 7 p.m. at Carnegie Hall, it is guaranteed to be entertaining for young and old. His stories sound so grounded in common every day situations about just normal family events like summer camp, pets, gardening, fishing or other regular activities. The stories are always family friendly even as they morph into hysterical tales. 

Bil Lepp
Photo by Sam Payne

On stage anywhere in this country whether a small local library fundraiser or large national performance venue, Bil Lepp presents as a regular down home country guy wearing a T-shirt, jeans and baseball cap. His tales are always about everyday things in life, but he takes story telling so smoothly by the tail of the fine art of tall tales that his presentations always become laugh out loud funny. And laughter heals the body, mind and spirit while sharing laughter heals relationships. 

I distinctly remember him right here on stage at Carnegie Hall decades ago introducing himself like a polite soft spoken guy. He gave basic information about his life growing up in West Virginia and before I knew it, this simple introduction had unbeknownst to me slipped into a tall tale. He was that smooth in his telling. And that was only the very first story of the evening presentation. I also remember Bil Lepp winning the yearly WV Liar’s Contest so many times at the Vandalia Festival until they made him a judge. 

I imagine this was to give others a chance to win in that story competition. He has published many books, CD’s and audios downloadable for purchase from his website and won many honors and awards. He is even on YouTube so you can listen for a taste of his humor, enticing you for the coming performance right here in Lewisburg at Carnegie Hall Thursday evening 7 PM May 23. Bil lives in South Charleston, WV with his wife and 2 children. I don’t know if he has a day job or if he just drives his family nuts. I suspect the latter. 

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