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Nick Durm of Alabaster Boxer

By Sarah Richardson

We had a chance to interview Nick Durm of Alabaster Boxer right before he hit the stage for his new album release party at Big Draft Brewing last month. Nick is the lead singer and a guitarist for the band, which also includes Drew Lawrence (drums/vocals), Jason Lockart (keys/vocals), Bill Fraley (bass/vocals), Brian Bell (guitar), Chandler Beavers (mandolin), Corey Lee McQuade (dobro/banjo/vocals), and FM Turner (fiddle).

Alabaster Boxer’s new 10-song album, “Currency of Dreams,” can be streamed on Spotify.

Where are you from?

I live here in White Sulphur Springs, but I grew up in Baltimore, MD. I’ve been a Greenbrier County resident for three years now.

Why choose the Greenbrier Valley?

Well, my wife has family here, and we chose here because the community culture and the environment is really a great place to come and put roots down. There’s a lot of growth happening here.

What do you do musically?

Mainly I do the songwriting. The best instrument I play is songwriting. I also play guitar and I played bass guitar for a while, but now I’m back to guitar.

What got you into the music scene?

I’ve really just always been into music, but it was my grandma and grandpa and old Motown that really influenced me musically. I got a drum set when I was 15, and I started writing songs.

How would you describe your album?

Our album is 100% like a mixtape. It sounds like something you’d download off of Napster to go on a road trip with your friends. There is no specific genre to it, just influences of pop, rock, and infusing that with some bluegrass and making it all into something completely new.

What’s one thing you’d like to tell everybody?

It’s never too late to do what you really want to do!

Alabaster boxer stickers and album:  Nick says that the name Alabaster Boxer was inspired from his grandfather, who was a professional boxer (pictured on bottom sticker).

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