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Here’s the Dish on the Dish Cafe

To find a great meal in Raleigh County, look no further than The Dish Cafe in Daniels. The restaurant, celebrating its ninth anniversary this month, has become the go-to spot for hungry locals and with good reason – the food is phenomenal!

Our cover this month features the Dish’s signature Swift Level House Burger.

One of the many culinary delights at The Dish are the Halperns Angus beef steaks, shrimp po’ boy sandwiches on house-made ciabatta buns and they have vegan options like falafel salad. There is something for every taste. 

The cover this month features the Dish’s signature  Swift Level House Burger. This is prepared with Swift Level grass fed beef and sweet potato fries. Swift Level FIne Meats is located in Lewisburg (Greenbrier County). 

The cafe, affectionately called ‘The Dish,’ is owned by Michelle Rotellini, who also just happens to be the president of the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce. She tells us that the idea to open a restaurant started with her desire to serve wholesome, nutritious food to those in the area. 

“Growing up, my aunties and my parents were always very earthy,” Michelle said. “They would grow alfalfa sprouts in little canning jars, they always had a garden, they would buy protein from the FFA and always tried to get food locally. My family had an awareness that natural food was better for you.” 

So, when the family business, Corley Distributing, was sold, Michelle said she talked to her aunties, Rosy Corley and Beverly Hall, about the possibility of opening another business. 

“Somehow I convinced them that we should become restaurant owners and that we should provide our community with the same kind of local, fresh food that we had grown up with.” 

Through planning and hard work, the trio opened their location along Ritter Drive beside the Dollar General in April 2013 and they soon found head Chef Paul Almond, who was a perfect fit for the restaurant. 

“He and his crew have been able to translate that passion my aunties and I have into the food we serve,” says Michelle. “We buy farm fresh eggs locally, so for our Sunday brunch, the two over easy eggs just sing to you. If you have eaten farm fresh eggs, you know just how large and bright the yolks are.” 

In addition to using locally sourced proteins, all of the bread at The Dish is made-in-house without preservatives, and they take care to ensure that vegan options are available for their customers by using aquafaba, made from chickpeas, in certain recipes. 

All of the bread at The Dish is made-in-house without preservatives…

Although the seafood cannot always be obtained locally, because, well, this is a landlocked state, Michelle explains that seafood is purchased from top tier vendors–including those off the coast of Scotland. “That just makes the food so flavorful.” 

The menu has beloved staples, but Chef Paul creates specialty menu items every week so varying options are always available, including Spanish/Mexican inspired dishes on Taco Tuesdays, handcrafted pizzas on Wednesdays and Italian meals on Thursdays. 

For those interested in quality drinks, locally crafted brews from Weathered Ground Brewery, Freefolk Brewery and Bridge Brew Works are available on tap as well as mixed drinks like The Mountaineer Margarita – made with blueberries. 

“We make craft cocktails every night and ask our bartenders to come up with their signature drink. People come in just to try them,” according to Michelle. 

When asked about her thoughts on being the most popular restaurant in Raleigh County, Michelle notes that she is excited to be part of the food scene in southern West Virginia. 

“You can get great food here without traveling to Roanoke or a bigger area,” Michelle says, adding that she loves the unexpected location of The Dish. 

“I don’t think you could get any more West Virginia than being in a strip mall next to a Dollar General, but that’s our thing.” 

The Dish is open Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. and on Sunday’s from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., with a special Sunday brunch from 11-4. They also have a private room for catering parties. For those interested in this option, contact Manager Amanda Zari at 304-763-2366. 

For more information, check out The Dish Cafe on Facebook or visit their website

– HashtagWV #141. April 2022.

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