How to Be Happy When Everything is Horrible: Frustration.

@rodneydnorman♬ original sound – Rodney Norman I know that you have been frustrated lately. I don’t need to be psychic to know this about you. We all have frustrations that haunt our thoughts. We all have things that we would like to change. It is the very nature of man to see something and want […]

Oct 29-Nov 6: What is Art? at Greenbrier Valley Theatre

At the root of things, it is an extremely simple question. Three words. Three syllables. Infinite possible answers.  What is art? It sounds so simple, and I’m sure the first thing you thought of was something beautiful – and that answer is absolutely correct – to you. To the next person that picks up this […]

Off the Beaten Path: The Old Bridge.

Several years ago, I was hiking through the backcountry of Greenbrier County when I came to a small stream that blocked my path. I picked my way across it and on the other side found an old logging road. It was in a terrible state and looked like no vehicle had driven on it for […]