Shopping: Closet Full of Designer Styles at Livy’s in Clifton Forge!

[acx_slideshow name=”Livys Closet”] Many of us live for the thrill of finding a bargain in all forms – whether it be scoring at a yard sale, the flea market at WV State Fairgrounds, Cowboy Jim’s, or at Wolf Creek Gallery’s annual year-end sale to finally snag that top you’ve waited months for. There’s truly nothing […]

Future Doc: Above, Down, and Inside Out.

So what is the big idea? Where did it come from? I’m referring to Chiropractic philosophy and other philosophies that stem from inductive reasoning. This is reasoning based upon generalized patterns, trends, and observations, as opposed to specific facts or data. The word “chiro” comes from Latin… Now, a brief history of Chiropractic. It was […]

Grandpa Larry’s Random Reminiscence: Grandpa Larry’s Concern

Gun laws and gun violence are in the news a lot today. When my big brother, Wally, was about 12 or 13, he tired of blowing up the neighbor’s mailboxes with bundled and powerful fireworks, which were then legal and available. So he built a gun on our father’s work bench. We called them zip […]