Valley View: Whistle Past the Graveyard.

Arguably, the most interesting people to learn about are the ones who came before us.  The Greenbrier Historical Society and North House Museum takes pride in examining and presenting the history of the Greenbrier Valley, its residents, and their stories.  Today as we whistle past the graveyard, we leave you with two stories from the […]

Healing Corner: To Be Humble

To be humble Doesn’t mean to play small To be authentic Doesn’t mean to play mean Or to play nice It means to Bring your best self To the party of life Ready to respond from the heart With the highest Most honest Intention You can find in the moment Your humble Sacrifices Are only […]

Sound of the Town: A Loving Farewell to Patrick Gabbert, a Fine Musician.

A Fine Musician, Catching Some Blackbird’s Wing. Our beloved Patrick Gabbert, of Auto, West Virginia, a self-proclaimed Seeker of Truth, Singer of Songs, and supporter of the human race, has passed away and left us grieving his loss. He was a strong presence in the Lewisburg music scene and well beyond. He was a most […]

West Virginia City Paper Store offers Apparel, Art, Accessories, Home & Living.

HashtagWV City Paper Store We are excited to announce the launch of our city paper store – Shop Local WV, a digital store shopping experience with curated collections from our city paper staff. After 8 years of publishing Lewisburg City Paper, we have decided to bring contemporary looks to your wardrobe with our online store, […]