In the Spirit: Distiller Series, Rye Not!?

Rye whiskey is in the middle of an incredible renaissance. It all started when classic cocktails regained popularity. On most lists you will find cocktails with a traditional rye base such as sazeracs, manhattans, and old fashioned, all classically prepared or twisted with new bitters, infusions and anything these mad scientists we call bartenders can […]

Grandpa Larry’s Random Reminiscence: Desert Man

A wiry man with a scraggly beard wearing only a pair of ragged cut-off trousers climbed over a rocky ridge and pulled himself up onto a large flat rock and hunkered down, contemplating the city before him. He had lived in that city. He had grown up with ordinary parents in an ordinary house; gone […]

Healing Corner: The Fall

Today is August 20th, and the first time in my life that the state fair is not King of the scene, unless you count the food stands that are lined up in a lonely little display, hoping to give some comfort to the otherwise empty grounds.  I’m wondering if the flies are as disappointed as […]

My Dog and I: “Pack” Your Dog is not Alone

His brain, personality and behavior are defined by the group he finds himself living with. This could be one half of a pair or part of a diverse family of pigs, goats, humans and horses. They could all live together in a house (well, maybe not the horses), or share a common area but the […]

Guns & Cornbread: It’s Almost Fall Ya’ll

The gray faced pointer eased over to my knee and requested an audience. With her chin resting there I looked into the eyes that seem to become more soulful with every passing day. “What’s on your mind?” I said, thinking how much I would miss her. Her expression was that of a teacher addressing an […]

Valley View: Do it w/ No Apologies

On Friday, September 25, make no apologies and head to Cartier Raine and Lifestyle Salon for an afternoon of self-care with Dr. Heather Heaster, DDS. Between the hours of around 11a-5p, Dr. Heaster will offer Botox, Kybella, and Dermal Filler (Allergan products) to clients with appointments. Rochelle Sanchez, owner of Cartier Raine, is excited to […]

Mountain Scene: Take it Outside w/ Mohawk Powersports

[acx_slideshow name=”Mohawk Powersports”] Mohawk Powersports in Lewisburg is the area’s go-to-place to take it outside. Co-owner, Robert (Bob) Faulkner tells us their brands have outstanding value in a crowded field of power sports companies. You will find CFMoto ATV’s, Intimidator Side by Sides, Spartan Mowers, SSR pit bikes and youth SxS, Kayo youth ATVs, and […]