February’s HashtagWV News Nuggets

There is so much cool stuff going on in our little neck of the woods of West Virginia. . . lots of info to assimilate and get out to ya.   . . .  So, we thought we would bring to you, tidbits or nuggets of news and we would like your help.  Everything from […]

Mtn Music Trail: February Blahs

It’s the middle of Winter, and most of us are experiencing the February blahs. So to cheer you up a little, let’s look forward to some Summer music adventures along the Mountain Music Trail this year: JUNE – Allegheny Echoes Music Workshops in Marlinton, June 24-29. For the 22nd year Allegheny Echoes Summer Workshops presents […]

Tue Feb 13: WV Renaissance Festival Informational Meeting

On Tuesday, February 13th, you are invited to come to the WV Renaissance Festival’s Informational Meeting, held 6-8p at the WV State Fairgrounds, in the WVU Building across from the gardens. There will be opportunities for entertainers, artists, artisans, food vendors, charitable fundraising, fun part-time summer jobs, and more!  The WV State Fairgrounds is located on […]

Friday, Feb 23-24: Summit on Race Matters in WV

On Friday, February 23rd (5:00-8:00 PM) and Saturday the 24th (9:00 AM-5:00 PM) there will be a splendid opportunity for folks to improve their participation in the improvement of race relations.  A Summit on Race Matters in West Virginia will be held at the Kyle and Ann Fort Arts and Sciences Building of New River […]

My Dog & I: Not in the House!

Why do dogs make the “mistake” of “going to the bathroom” in the house?? This is one of my most frequently asked questions…in various formats!! How do I stop my dog peeing on the carpet? He knows he did the wrong thing!! He runs back inside after I have had him in the yard for […]

Friday, Feb 16: Melissa Aldana at Carnegie Hall!

On Friday, February 16th, one of the most compelling and prodigious tenor saxophonists of her time, Melissa Alanda, will grace the stage at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, WV. National Public Radio calls Melissa Aldana “a bold new talent.”  As a child in Chile, Aldana studied with her renowned saxophonist father Marcos Aldana. She left her […]

Tue Feb 13: Mardi Gras @ Irish Pub!

It’s almost time for Mardi Gras, which is French for Fat Tuesday! This is the party to end all parties because the next day is Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which also happens to land on Valentine’s Day. Since chocolate is out of the equation, Christian couples might celebrate their love with smudges […]