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Steep Canyon Rangers at Carnegie Hall, Concert Review

By: LBSPY / Category: Sound of the Town, Susanna Robinson

There’s that moment just before the music starts, a tiny gasp of silence, the anticipation of what’s about to unfold to the listener. It’s an infintesimal moment in the big scheme of things, but gives to us an imperative spark of hope for all sounds lovely. This moment was found Friday night at Carnegie Hall, […]

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I’m getting burnt out on Thanksgiving. I love the idea of the holiday, but after thirty years Thanksgiving dinner just doesn’t have the same appeal it used to. Two years ago, we switched things up and did Thanksgiving at my house. Rather than sitting around bug-eyed and drooling while waiting for supper (like we usually […]

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Snow Day

Today is the first snow day of the year! I’m pretty excited to bundle up and run outside to play with the dog. I’ll shovel the driveway, make a snowman in the yard, and have a snowball fight with the neighborhood kids, just like in the movies. But, now that I think about it, there’s […]

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Pumpkin Sculptures

Have you noticed how intricate pumpkin carvings have gotten over the past few years? They’ve become pumpkin sculptures, really. This isn’t something I would normally concern myself with, but there’s going to be a pumpkin carving contest at work and I’d love to have an entry I can really be proud of. After scrolling through […]

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Wisdom From the Woods: Life Lessons Learned from being around a Dog Lover

By: LBSPY / Category: Jim Shock, Wisdom from the Woods

Wisdom from the Woods Life lessons learned from being around a Dog Lover Life is a journey between loss and discovery. Occasionally the two intersect in inspiring ways. Recently, a gruff stranger sat beside me. On the face of it, we couldn’t have been more unlike. Then a common thread stitched us together instantly. “Is […]

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Life Lessons Learned From being around Misguided People.

By: LBSPY / Category: Jim Shock, Wisdom from the Woods

Wisdom from the Woods –Life lessons learned from being around misguided people. There aren’t many places in West Virginia that scare me. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be frightened. Going off the beaten path makes for a good story. The movie “Wrong Turn” takes place in “Greenbrier backcountry, West Virginia”. Some pretty weird stuff happens here, […]

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Discover Great Food & Entertainment at Wild Bill’s Roadhouse

By: LBSPY / Category: Christina Entenmann, Food & Drink Reviews

At Wild Bill’s Roadhouse, you’ll find a restaurant that takes pride in everything they do from an extensive menu that includes premium seafood, lobster tails, scallops, crab legs, shrimp, hand-cut steaks and fall-off-the-bone ribs, barbeque, and brisket. They also offer the community with premium entertainment. Wild Bill has a goal and it’s to give your […]

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LBSPY Food Drive

By: LBSPY / Category: Blog, C M, Mountain Scene

A food bank is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes meals to those who have difficulty purchasing or acquiring enough food to avoid hunger. Currently, there are 9 food banks located within Greenbrier County, and with 18% of the county’s residents living below the poverty level, there is no shortage of friends and neighbors that […]

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Cash Mob Sassy Boutique with Watt’s Roost Vineyard, Nov 10

By: LBSPY / Category: Blog, C M, Mountain Scene, Shopping Reviews

Many of Greenbrier County’s small businesses, as well as those throughout the state and the nation, face a daily struggle to stay afloat. Drumming up support and ensuring that their favorite stores and merchants survive in a sometimes stagnant economy, a group of local citizens dreamed of a means to lend a helping hand. Taking […]

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Countdown to Christmas with Lewisburg Diamond & Gold

By: LBSPY / Category: Christina Entenmann, Shopping Reviews

The holidays are fast approaching with just 49 days left till Christmas. Our suggested shop in this issue of LBSPY is Lewisburg Diamond & Gold (LDG). Shopping here you’ll enjoy the experience of a local shop, where the staff knows you and is familiar with your style. Also, its location is easily approachable sitting just […]

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Historic Wonderland w/ Hashtag Lewisburg this July!

Historic Wonderland w/ HashtagWV this July! - This July, we feature the historic wonderland of Elmwood in Union, WV. It is also known as the Hugh Caperton House and was built in the 1830’s It is a two-story, nearly square brick dwelling with Greek Revival details. More features include Carlito’s in Lewisburg, Xander Hitizig’s concerts in the area, summer cocktail recipes, The School […]

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  • Women of Washington Street featuring the Women in Service! By Diana Hunt To learn more, pick us up or visit
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  • Big schnauzer meets little schnauzer at Robert’s Antiques in Lewisburg, WV
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  • #Repost @the_french_goat This year‘s winner of the #BastilleDay Waiter’s Race is Indigo, representing General Lewis Inn. Presenting the winner with a bottle of Dom Perpignan is Mayor John Manchester. Congratulations to all of the participants who came out and had fun!
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WONDER HOW LBSPY REMAINS FREE? - Wondering how LBSPY gets published and distributed FREE every 2 weeks in print and online? Do we have wealthy parents or did one of us seduce a millionaire? No. Are we financed by bank loans or grant money? Nope, not that either. Until we hit it BIG in the lotto, every issue of LBSPY comes […]